Sqlcachedependency not invalidating

15-Sep-2017 04:59

It supports any parallelogram, and can use any virtual path for loading the overlay image.Implement the IOverlay Provider interface to provide your own querystring parsing and/or database code. I can do the checking of all the filters cache item to make sure they exist in cache before loading the questions, but that will require a lot of requests to Redis. I'm new to Redis and this is the first time I implement this type of cache structure in Redis At the moment what I do is I just check for "category:[Category Id]:questions" key.If it doesn't exist then I load data from database and set all cache items for that category.You will, instead, use the [Output Cache] attribute. NET MVC action filter that wraps output caching abilities.Though the entire feature set of the @Output Cache directive is not available through the [Output Cache] attribute, implementing output caching in ASP. Note that unlike web forms and user controls where you place the @Output Cache directive in or files, the [Output Cache] attribute is used in controllers. (Egg Head Cafe.com), which were partly derived from Rob Howard's technique here .

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Output caching doesn't always work so well if your page takes a while to generate, because the first page hit after the cache has expired leaves your user waiting for the page to load.NET MVC applications along with some considerations involved in the process. NET web forms before, you are probably aware of the @Output Cache directive.