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We are an online community for Maledomination and female submission relationships. We are lucky to have a group of very active moderators - they make sure our community is clean from scammers and unrelated content. Save yourself some time and read the Quick Guide - and use the forum community to get and give help. They will sense your weakness and punish you for it. There is nothing better than a dominatrix strutting her stuff, dominating her submissive slave!The outline of the matt satin finish polycarbonate diffuser is covered with pure linen fabric, with a purposely-uneven weft and warp of the fabric achieved by hand.The fabric is stained and undergoes anti-fray treatment; it is then cut into pieces and tailored by hand using a sewing machine with visible seams.The beautiful lake of Etang La Planchette is 8 acres in size & set in 20 acres of private land & nestled in a tranquil Valley of rural countryside set in the Lorraine region which is listed as an area of natural beauty.

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A new adventure that lets you customise your space, going beyond clichés and bringing your personality to light.

My Gay Master is an online community for men with similar sexual desires to meet other, over 18, men.

The site is meant to be a fun and safe community, where users with the same interests can chat, interact and meet.

Here at Etang La Planchette we aim to make the booking process as easy as possible for you so we have created a three step process for you to follow.

We appreciate that you may have questions along the way so please do not be afraid to get in touch.Fetish Companions is a place where you can find open-minded adults with diverse fetishes and fantasies.

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Being so diminutive, Bryan has had to focus on his athleticism and flexibility; while his naturally shy personality has meant that he's had to force himself to overcome his anxiety at performing in front of thousands of people.… continue reading »

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