High net worth individuals dating Free no credit cards webcam

04-Feb-2018 09:35

To create a profile, users are asked to select their favorite hobbies from a list that includes ‘Gourmet Dining’ and ‘Racquetball’.

Users are then asked to enter in their favorite brands, followed by their annual salary.

Among the list of acceptable brands are Louis Vuitton, Mercedes, Gucci, Bentley and Cartier.

Users who enjoy washing down their Big Mac with a cool can of Pabst Blue Ribbon after a long cruise in their VW Bug are sadly unwelcome on LUXY.

The friends I chose were people that I liked being around.

Not because of their buying power or status, but because our personalities meshed well.

Unlike a normal dating site, the list of hobbies caters exclusively to the well off.

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If you believe that finding love deserves the attention, commitment and investment of a lifetime, then contact HIM-Matchmaking and trust Trea Tijmens with the most important introduction of your life.Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS “Whatever you assume is fine, is fine” – Johnny Cassell Johnny Cassell is an international dating coach who has been in the business since 2007.He is based in London, UK and specialized in dating for the elite.Wealth quiz: Signing up for the app is similar to Tinder.

Users log in via Facebook so that the app can analyze their connections.Only if wealth is the only thing you’re interested in, which in that case, you’ll most likely only find friends who will drop you in the blink of an eye the minute your financial status changes.