Colin firth jennifer ehle dating

13-Nov-2017 21:35

Even though nakedness was invented long before the late 20th century and swimming in clothes is far harder than swimming unhindered, Mr Darcy is still Mr Darcy, even when he’s not being watched.And of course, if he wears the shirt in the lake, the shirt is still wet when he bumps into Elizabeth immediately afterwards, and that dishevelment is a good portion of the appeal of that scene, as Andrew explains: “Here’s two people having a little conversation.

Certainly there is a sizeable part of Colin’s fanbase that would have enjoyed a more intimate view (or even eyeful) of Mr Darcy at that point, but it fits our picture of what was socially acceptable at the time – or within the confines of a costume drama, which isn’t always the same thing – and is therefore a truer expression of his character to our eyes, that he would have jumped into the lake wearing a nightshirt.Helena Bonham-Carter is convinced her co-star Colin Firth will win this year’s Oscar for Best Actor.

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