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Coos Bay-area historical earthquake activity is slightly above Oregon state average. Birthplace of: Steve Prefontaine - Long-distance runner, Claire Falkenstein - Artist, Gerald Strebendt - Martial artist, Mel Counts - Basketball player, Pat Fitzsimons - Professional golfer, Brian Clem - Politician, Bruce Anderson (American football) - Football player, Lauren Newton (singer) - Opera singer. Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies. Nearest cities: North Bend, OR (1.3 miles ), Bunker Hill, OR (1.5 miles ), Barview, OR (2.0 miles ), Glasgow, OR (2.1 miles ), Eastside, OR (3.3 miles ), North Bayside, OR (3.4 miles ), Coquille, OR (3.7 miles ), Lakeside, OR (3.8 miles ). Major Disasters (Presidential) Declared: 12Emergencies Declared: 1Causes of natural disasters: Floods: 10, Storms: 7, Landslides: 4, Mudslides: 4, Winter Storms: 3, Winds: 2, Heavy Rain: 1, Hurricane: 1, Snow: 1, Tsunami Wave: 1 (Note: Some incidents may be assigned to more than one category). Religion Census: Religious Congregations & Membership Study. Congregations and Membership in the United States 2000. On 1/31/1922 at , a magnitude 7.6 (7.6 UK, Class: Major, Intensity: VIII - XII) earthquake occurred 197.1 miles away from the city center On 8/17/1991 at , a magnitude 7.1 (6.2 MB, 7.1 MS, 7.1 MW, 6.8 ML, Depth: 8.4 mi) earthquake occurred 131.9 miles away from Coos Bay center On 11/8/1980 at , a magnitude 7.2 (6.2 MB, 7.2 MS, 7.2 MW, 7.0 ML) earthquake occurred 156.8 miles away from the city center On 6/15/2005 at , a magnitude 7.2 (6.1 MB, 7.1 MS, 7.2 MW, 7.1 MW, Depth: 9.9 mi) earthquake occurred 175.0 miles away from the city center On 7/13/1991 at , a magnitude 6.9 (6.2 MB, 6.9 MS, 6.8 MW, 6.7 ML, Depth: 6.8 mi, Class: Strong, Intensity: VII - IX) earthquake occurred 112.1 miles away from Coos Bay center On 1/22/1923 at , a magnitude 7.2 (7.2 UK) earthquake occurred 207.5 miles away from the city center The number of natural disasters in Coos County (13) is near the US average (13).

People all over North America were treated to a stunning view of the eclipse.Mean prices in 2015: All housing units: 1,211; Detached houses: 8,478; Townhouses or other attached units: 5,242; In 2-unit structures: 8,138; Mobile homes: 0,341; Occupied boats, RVs, vans, etc.: ,654Nearest city with pop. 200,000 : Northwest Clackamas, OR (246.1 miles , pop. The firm develops municipal water and sewage plants and hopes to use the system to be able to close valves in the event of an earthquake.'The advantage of earthquake early warning is that it gives us forewarning that the shaking will occur, and we can be sure the valve is fully closed by the time the shaking starts,' the firm's Dan Ervin told the newspaper.

The company is working on software and hardware to process the warning signals and automatically close valves.Officials with USGS, the University of Washington and others held a news conference Monday in Seattle to announce the system's roll out across the U. Even a few seconds of advanced notice can help people to duck and cover or cities to slow trains, stop elevators or take other protective measures, agency officials say.